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At only 33 years of age I realized one dark day that my entire sporting life, one that used to be so rich and varied was now confined to zig-zagging around a golf course on an electric buggy.

As I began to assess my 60 a day smoking addiction it dawned on me that I no longer played any other of the sports I used to enjoy either. I dreaded the thought of offending a non-smoker with my smoking in a social situation so social occasions were out of the question for me also.

Allen Carr with local therapist Rob Fielding in July 2006
My smoking life spanned nearly a decade of misery, expense, poor health and social stigma. I felt like a social leper. I knew it, but couldn’t bring myself to confront the stark, ugly truth that I had become a slave to my cigarettes. When it hit me that I was no longer in control of my smoking - that was the moment I realized that I had to rid myself of it.

Allen Carr has an established network of clinics throughout Britain. I used to pass his Birmingham clinic going to work everyday. After nearly ten years I stopped the car, took a deep breath, marched in to the clinic and booked my self a place on the next available course. That was in 2003 and the rest as they say is history, I’ve neither missed nor desired a cigarette since.

What did it mean to me to quit smoking? To be free! Free from the filth, the lethargy, the social stigma, the health scares and most importantly to me, to be rid of the sheer slavery of it all. Looking back it’s difficult to recall how my health, my mood and my confidence started to return to normal. I just remember a very short time after quitting thinking “That’s it – my nightmare is over – it feels brilliant! I’m free at last”

As an Allen Carr therapist the one thing I never tire of is the immense pleasure I get from seeing the relief spread across smokers faces during a session when they see smoking for what is.

Having seen all types of smokers both men and women smoking from 1 cigarette a day, to 100 a day, from casual to chain smoker, they all arrive at Allen Carr sessions with the same undeniably strong desire – To rid themselves of the scourge & filth of smoking.
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