Email from Lloyd Jan 2019…….
I came to one of your sessions at the begining of October last year.  Just wanted to let you know that I walked up the street to my car smiling, and havent wanted to smoke since. Christmas has been and gone, I guess thats the acid test passed. Cheers Rob, you did a fantastic job.
Email from Caroline Oct 2018…….
Dear Rob
I wanted to thank you for a great session yesterday.  I am SO pleased I came.  I know it is very early days - but I’m hopeful that my life as a smoker is over, and the new non-smoking me can now emerge.  I have spent so many years convincing myself that because I have never smoked 20 a day - I wasn’t a ‘real’ smoker.....and have found all sorts of other ridiculous reasons to justify smoking to myself, including being highly secretive and hiding it from many people who know me (if people don’t know that I smoke then I’m not a smoker - right??  WRONG!!).  You helped me yesterday to realise that there is no justification, reason, benefit or reward for even one fag - and I have come away feeling repulsed by the whole thing and furious at having allowed myself to be ‘taken in” for so long (I have been a “non-smoking” smoker for 29 years - I am so ashamed to admit this....).  You gave me exactly what I needed - a proper talking too in the nicest possible way - not at all judgemental - and I really feel that this has enabled me to be well informed (no more ignoring the facts) and to walk away from smoking without feeling that I am in any way going to miss out - in fact - quite the opposite - I feel “free” already!!!  Thank you - you are a star!!
I will admit that there is a small part of me that thinks it can’t possibly be this easy and is very worried about failure - maybe I should be writing this in 3 months time rather than now!  Feeling determined though.....bring it on!!
I do hope everyone else in the group is feeling super positive too.
With very best wishes
Message from David, March 2018…….
First day in a few weeks I've gone smoke free, because if not today then when? 
Thank you for giving me strength in my resolve to never tolerate/endure another cigarette. 
Saying 'thank f*** I'm free' is reinforcing the ideals but im saying it with a smile on my face and with passion.
It feels good to be a happy non smoker. 
Bloody knew it was going to be easy.
Anyway, thank you.
Email from Richie Oct 2017…….
Hello Allen Carr!
Just wanted to let you know that I quit 5 years ago nearly to the day, I love life as a non- smoker.
All the best to Rob who was my facilitator that day. Thank you all .Regards Richie
Text from Henry June 2017…….
Hi Rob, i dont know whether you remember me, my name's Henry (surname withheld), im the uni student that did the easyway course a few times between summer and autumn last year. Im at 7 months without smoking and i wanted to send this message because I feel incredible and you really did change my life. I hope you are doing well! All the best, Henry
Email from Barbara April 2017…….
As I entered the meeting room 40 days ago I was terrified that I was losing my "best friend" Marlboro Lights. They have been through everything with me for 20 years. Sadness, anger, panic, fear, celebration, name it and they were there for me. The thought of not smoking ever again make me sick to my stomach and I just wanted to cry from panic of wondering what I would do when I felt any of these emotions moving forward!

I chose to try this at a most crucial point in my life. The most stressful and emotional moment, the death of my father, I just moved over 3,000 miles from home and my husband and I were digging our marriage out of darkness, so why not add "quit smoking" to an already stressful lifestyle.....but I am a very optimistic person and thought "now or never".

Never in a million years did I believe that I would walk out of there a changed person. Emotionally and mentally changed. It is with great happiness that I have been smoke free for over 40 days now. How I did it I will never know....I just did because it is what I truly wanted. Rob Fielding, the therapist, my hero, guided me to the door and I just had to step through. He showed me that my "best friend" was the opposite of that. I became angry with my "smokes" because what had they ever really done for me in a positive way? I was angry with myself. Me. I was doing this to Me.

To Rob, I will forever be grateful for your dedication and commitment to my well-being and to Allen Carr's Easyway program. It is phenomenal and I am eternally grateful.

Be well,

Barbie (surname withheld)
Email from Martin Dec 2016.....
Hi - Saw on the news that it is ten years since Allen Carr sadly passed away. I quit with Rob last year, best thing I ever did.Thank you Allen. Regards Martin
Email from Kath Dec 2016.....
Hello Rob, I saw on the news it was Allens death 10 years ago today. I haven’t smoked for 6 after seeing you. I had a triple bypass 2 years ago…couldn’t of done it as a smoker. Thank you all very much Kathleen
Web comments from Prisha...
Around the year 2002 my Dad, Vishwa Prakash, went to Birmingham, UK. He used to smoke, but after your programme, he quit smoking.

He mostly stayed healthy, but about 13 years later, in July 2015, Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was treated by Dr. Charles Rudin in Memorial Sloan Cancer Center, New York. However in August 6, 2016 Dad passed away at the age of 64.

As mentioned he quit smoking after your programme. I am not sure if quitting smoking added years to life, but if it did add years to his life, I am grateful. Definitely quitting smoking meant he was not inhaling bad things. I want to say how grateful I am that you helped him quit smoking and maybe gave him some good years.

Web comments from Jessica… Jan 2016
I just wanted to give a massive thanks to Rob, who was my therapist in Birmingham, for finally helping me to get free. After reading to of Mr Carr's books and failing I felt this was my last option. I now feel I fully understand every single aspect of the nasty little trap and know for certain that I will NEVER feel the need to go near a cigarette ever again. Thank you so much Rob!*
Email from Justin Nov 2015.....
Hi Rob. Hope you’re well mate. I thought I’d drop you an email to let you know I’m smoke free since your October 28th seminar. The day after though I did feel down and thought I could quite easily light up a ciggie, but didn’t , thankfully and ever since then it’s got easier and I feel absolutely great! I went to a party that Friday night, got a bit messy and the spliffs were going round but I didn’t have any and it was fine…..and easy! I still have many sudden pangs of thinking about smoking but then it goes right out of my head again……is that normal? I’m so glad I did the seminar so thankyou very much mate.
Text from Nikki Nov 2015.....
Hiya Rob. It's Nikki here from Kidderminster. You come to me on the 9th of August and I've not had a fag since!! I've gained a little weight as I'm loving the taste of food but I'm back at the gym working on it. Thank you so much for freeing me of that horrible misery.. I have talked not stop to anyone who will listen about you so hopefully it will send plenty of customers your way.
Web comments from Smita September 2015.....
Hello, I came for 3 Allen Carr sessions (one initial and two backup) between 14th March and 18th April this year. Each one was with Rob on a Saturday in Raynes Park. At the last session, I told Rob I was trying to get good at running, and that I really wanted to be able to do 10km in under 1 hour. He was really nice about it, and told me he thought I could do it. I haven't smoked or missed cigarettes since my final session with Rob, and I just wanted to pass my appreciation onto him (and the Allen Carr organisation as a whole) for giving me a new lease of life! I managed a 10 k in just under one hour last night for the first time (photo attached), and I was wondering if this message could be passed onto Rob as well as a massive thank you, I'm so grateful to him.
Kind regards and thank you for your time
Web comments from Michael June 2015.....
I had a bit of issue quitting smoking so had to go back for a booster session, that was over a year ago and now I am smoke free and despite not starting off too well with the help of the Allen Carr people including the woman doing the sessions (sorry can't remember names) and especially Rob who was always on the end of a phone when needed, thank you all especially Rob, I wish this was on the NHS as if it was I would of used it to quit long ago, even if they had a scheme where you borrow the money and pay it back over time. Thank you all
Web comments from KK April 2015.....
I have attended 27th November session at your Birmingham branch. Thank you for helping to quit.
Email from Susanna May 2015.......
Hi ladies
Thanks for your email. I've been spreading the word amongst family and friends and flashing my discount cards around, but so far, no one's 'ready' or they 'want to try the willpower method first'. I'll keep trying.

I also want to say what a great therapist I found Rob. He was warm, friendly and genuine and I really admire his willingness to share his own experiences.

I haven't smoked since the end of the session (Sat 25th April); I haven't wanted to since the week after; now, I hardly even think about it.

As I'm starting treatment for cancer on 15th June, I'm really thankful that the Easyway team were there for me, and I feel proud to have done something positive for my health and my self-respect.

Thanks again,
Susanna (surname withheld)
Text from Kate - April 2015
2 years and still smoke free!
Thank you so much x
Email from David - Nov 2014
Dear Rob, just wanted to let Allen Carr know I am just about to celebrate my 5th Christmas as a non smoker. Having smoked for over 40 years I never dreamed this would be possible. Life is just better without smoking! My family are very happy with me too..they never thought I could do it.. So thank you all at Easyways. Yours David
Text from Rochele - Aug 2014
Hi Rob its Rochelle. Been meaning to message you for a few days now to say how thankful and grateful I am for your help, I still haven’t smoked and still don’t have any desire to. Thank you so much
Text from Beckie - June 2014
2 years smoke free today! Thanks Rob J Couldn’t have done it without you!!
Email from Esther May 2014
Hey Rob,
Just wanted to say thanks for today. It was awesome and made complete sense!! I already feel like a different person, empowered and in control. You guys do a truly amazing job. Keep spreading the word. I know I certainly will
All the best for you and your family for the future
Est x
Text from Kate April 2014
Hi Rob, I doubt if you remember me but I attended your stop smoking seminar on 13th April last year. I struggled for a few days but I didn’t cave in and its now been a year since I had my last cigarette. I just wanted to say thank you! Kate x
Web comments from Jocelyn Feb 2014
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the course yesterday-you were fantastic. Everything you said made sense but most importantly you spoke with real enthusiasm, conviction and passion about your area of expertise and this was what made your message so infectious. Like many professions, it is so easy over time to lose the 'zest' for your chosen career clearly you have not. Well if you have, you put on a bloody good show!!. You talked frequently about your own experience which really helped cement things and provided comfort that you knew how we were feeling. The result of your excellent presentation has meant last night I did not want to smoke-I had no desire whatsoever. I did think about a cigarette but not because I really wanted one but because I was expecting to be worried that I may think of one-if that makes any sense! My eyes are already brighter and I feel significantly more confident and happier already. I do have slight nicotine pangs but these are easy to manage with the helpful and real little monster image you helped me picture so clearly. Thank you so very much- I feel like I have been reborn! You really are a credit to your profession. Kind regards
Web comments from Jenny Feb 2014
I had stopped smoking for five years after reading the book, but became complacent one drunken night and ended up on 20 a day again. For the next three years, I just could not stop and hated myself. In the end I booked to attend the clinic on Dec 7th 2013. I suggested that my sister come with me. She was very sceptical and not sure that she wanted to quit or that she could but she reluctantly agreed to go. Well that was two months ago and neither of us has smoked since. Not even over Christmas with all the parties and the drinks flowing. My sister cannot believe she is now a non smoker having smoked for 25 odd years and never having had a successful attempt at quitting. It feels so good to be free and our health has improved enormously. These clinics really work, I don't know how, but they just do. Many thanks to Rob who delivered the clinic that day, you gave me my life back.
Text from Beckie Oct 2013
Hi Rob, its Beckie here, it’s been 16 months and 2 days since I did your course in Worcester. You probably don’t remember me. I was 9n weeks pregnant at the time. Anyway I wanted you to know I haven’t touched a fag since I left that day. I have e very healthy 9 month old baby who has a smoke free mummy. Thank you for saving me and my family I was so hooked from the age of 9. I love my job, my family and my life. No longer panicking when my next fag break will be. Still can’t believe it, thanks to you I’m free!!
Email from Andrew April 2013
Hi Rob
Without wanting to sound melodramatic..... Thanks for saving my life. I couldn't possibly have done it without you.
And thanks for being a great bloke. I enjoyed it very much.
Thanks for guarantee....... (dont think I'll need it)
Web comments from Moran Dec 2012
I was waiting for a little while to send that email to you, but I feel now it's the right time to do so.
In my life, I love few people, starting with my Family, all of them, I love them a lot, continues to my girlfriend whom I also love a lot followed by my friends whom I also love a lot, BUT THEN - It's you Rob, I sincerely love you.
You helped me to get rid of the most annoying, stupid and addictive thing in the world ... Really do not feel like I have done enough by paying the seminar fees, please do let me know when you are in Hong Kong in the future, would like to invite you for dinner, drinks and whatever you see fit.
You helped me saving 2 lungs ! So if god forbid anyone you know is in the need for a kidney, let me know as I got 2 of those as well ! My life is so much better thanks to you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Web comments from Jayne Nov 2012
I attended the clinic on Saturday and cannot believe I have not smoked since then. I was a heavy smoker and if i can do it, anyone can. THANK YOU and to Rob the therapist , he was great. What happens in those 6 hours. I dont know-but it works
Email from Liz Nov 2012..............
Dear Rob. just to say thankyou. my husband (miguel) came to your clinic in october. Even tho i had stopped smoking after reading the book i was nervous that miguel was so convinced that he would never stop that the clinic wouldnt work..i even had to hold his hand to actually deliver him thro the door to your clinic.... its a miracle....the day of the clinic he was a bit quiet in the evening...he now tells me he was just in disbelief himself that the desire to smoke had gone...the next day at the supermarket he laughed and then pointed to a smoker standing outside and said "i used to do that"....he is happier and more energetic....has started a savings account at the bank and our friends have commented on how our house smells so much fresher. I cant thank you enough. He is still having a few puffs on weed in a pipe he bought... no tobacco obviously...i just hope that will fade soon....but its very little compared to what he was smoking... any hints as to help wuth regard to this? he manages a busy high street restaurant and is recommending you daily to all his customers..... Keep up the good work. Best £240 ive ever spent. I would love to do your must be so rewarding. Our friend is a nurse at an nhs stop smoking clinic and says that the cost of drugs she administers thro the nhs is over £300 but results arent as effective as those patients she recommends to you or who read the book...crazy! why nhs wont fund your clinics is unbelievable. if you ever want to recruit someone let me must be the best job in the world!Liz
Email from Caz Oct 2012......... Hi Rob, Was doing a big clear out over the weekend, and I found your guarantee from 4 years ago. I didn’t need that did I!! Hadn’t realised it was that long ago i quit.
Keep up the great work.
L, Caz.x
Web comments from Matthew May 2012.......
Dear All at Allen Carr,
This morning I was going for a jog. I do this 2 to 3 times a weeks since I stopped smoking and I've lost about a stone and a half in weight. I had an asthma attack which used to be a regular occurrence but now I only have a wheeze in the tree pollen season.
I couldn't breathe and I remembered that this was how I would feel every day when I was exerting myself and was a smoker.
I stopped in Mid May 2010, Rob was my therapist. I have not smoked since and it has been one of the finest decisions of my life. I will admit not having a cigar at my wedding was a little disappointment but given that the wedding would not have taken place if I hadn't stopped smoking this is a somewhat moot point.
It was in fact very easy. The first three days were the hardest but as I knew exactly what to expect once I was through those it was pretty much plain sailing. I would for a few months after have a pang for a cigarette when I was doing an activity that I associated with smoking for the first time since stopping but they became less frequent and have now gone.
I am pleased that I am not one of those former smokers who waves smokes away and berates those who continue although I am somewhat evangelical about Alan Carr.
I know that it does not work for everyone I have a number of friends who have relapsed but I feel that it is for me forever.
I want to thank you all so much for the opportunity you have given me to live my life smoke free, to be able to stop lying about my habit and get rid of the guilt and the fear that I felt when I was a smoker.
I am fitter, slimmer and stronger at 32 than I was at 22 having stopped smoking.
Thank you again,
London Saturday 15th May 2010 5pm Non-Smoker (20 a day for 12 years).
Website Comments March 2012
Hi, I would like to personally thank Rob (Therapist in Birmingham) Saturday 10.3.12 Also the Allen Carr Team online since my session
I have smoked for 34 yrs and stopped before using willpower ( thats a joke) well I tried anyway.
On Saturday I can not believe how this session has changed my life,
our group were all quite sceptical of the outcome , well I am sitting here and I can honestly say I have not thought about a fag since Saturday, i have gone to pick up my fags as I have for 34yrs and thought you silly woman you don’t SMOKE ANYMORE . I would recommend this service to anyone and have told anyone that will listen to me at work today this is the only way forward in life. I would like to congratulate everyone who has succeeded in their quest to give up and i will keep everyone informed on my quest. but one thing is for sure I know I am a NON SMOKER.
THANK YOU Allen Carr you are a star xxxxxxx
October 2011...Email from Sophie
Hi Rob
I attended your session in Leicester on July 20th this year.
I had my moment of realisation the other day, the one you talked about. I was in a traffic jam on the way to work. In front of me I could see numerous drivers puffing away, dropping their butts out of the windows, some of them lighting another within minutes. It reminded me of the ridiculous lengths I used to go to to smoke in the wide open come hail, rain or snow, mints, perfume, air freshener, baby wipes (to get rid of the ash on the dash and to wipe the stench of fags off my hands), something to drink etc etc.. and then I remembered that sometimes I'd get stressed thinking about how long it would be until my next fag so I'd squeeze another one in and then would have to repeat the whole pathetic mints/perfume/ routine again.
Rob, I actually laughed out loud and said "Thank f**k I don't need to do that any more!"
Thank you so much. It's been a wonderful three months.
Ps...I think my sister has booked in for the next Leicester session. I'm recommending you to all the smokers I know!
October 2011...........Web Comments
COMMENTS - Hi. Attend a group session on 20th July 2011 leicester holiday inn and it was the best thing I ever did. All I can day is thank you. After smoking for 24 years out of my 37 I cannot tell you how great I feel. Now cycling to and from work 20 miles round trip a day. All I can say is well worth the money. Once again a BIG THANK YOU.
NAME - Sanjay Chauhan
Web comments Sept 2011 – After smoking for 15 years I attended the Allen Carr course and now 4 days later have absolutely no desire to smoke EVER again! Every time i see someone smoking it makes me pity them....THANKYOU FOR SAVING ME FROM SMOKING!!!!!
Name: Rick Keen
WEB COMMENTS AUG 2011 - It has been over 3 and a half years since smoking my last cigarette at Allen Carr's in Birmingham. Before then I was smoking 40+ a day and not feeling good on it so many thanks x
NAME - Alison Cartwright
WEB COMMENTS JULY 2011 - I attended the session on 9th July at the Birmingham Clinic and haven't touched a cigarette since. I was a heavy smoker 25+ a day for the last 14 years and stopped just like that. I have had some withdrawal symptoms, my body and brain craving nicotine but the actual thought of putting one of those dirty sticks to my mouth again just horrified me. I was worried on the day that I would be the one to fail but Rob assured me it had worked and it has. If you have any doubts about this technique then dont, it really does work, 3 1/2 weeks later I am now feeling confident to spread the word because after so many failed attempts before I didn't think that this would work but the proof is there. It has already paid for itself everything else now is just a bonus!!! I have been out on the town with friends all standing around me smoking and it didn't bother me one little bit, I actually felt quite sorry for them. I can now look forward to a healthy future thanks, Shauna Ashton East Midlands
cheers mate, Rob
Email from Heidi March 2011........... Hello Rob. The most amazing thing happened since visiting the Allen Carr easy way clinic....i haven't had a cigarette since!! I haven't wanted one, needed one or even thought about it. In fact the only thing a can't stop thinking about is the clinic itself and how on earth it transformed me to a non smoker instantly with no hassels....amazing! I was a 20 a day smoker, i was out first thing in the morning, in my dressing gown for one and never went anywhere without them, yet here i am never been happier. I wouldn't even fly on a plane too far because of my cigarettes. Every smoker give it a try, you will not regret it. Now my goal is to join in and teach the world!!
Text from Roy October 2010..... Hiya Rob. Just thought i would let you know it's been 7 weeks today since the session. Brilliant. Not one puff not one real urge and not tempted in any situation. It is gone and i am in great shape. I am running like the wind again, even at my age! I am actively trying to get people to get onto you! Long may it continue. Cheers pal. Roy ;-)
Email from Carol & David July 2010........ Hello Bob, We were sorting out some old paper work and found your guarantee today, been meaning to let you know how David and I are doing. Well, neither of us have smoked! its been well over a year now. We were so sceptical at the time especially David. Don't know how you did it, but thank you very much, best wishes Carol.
Email from Paula May 2010..... Dear Rob, Richard and I have now been off the cigarettes for a year and a half having been to your clinic in Coventry.  We are still surprised at how easy it has been and extol the virtues of your clinics to every smoker who will listen!  Having tried everything else we could think of, it was a last resort to go the EasyWay route and in retrospect, I have no idea why we didn’t try it first.  It worked fast, and it was completely effortless.  We would recommend this method of giving up smoking without hesitation and without reservation.
With kind regards and very best wishes
Paula & Richard
Email from Danny March 2010........ Hi Rob, It's Danny here, I have been meaning to write for sometime and I never seeem to get round to it, so i thought i would write to seek some information and also let you know how the smoking is going.
Well firstly the smoking:
You will be glad to know that we have both (myself & Siobhan) still stopped smoking. It is quit remarkable actually and we are still shocked at just how easy you made it. I have to say that we didnt really have any withdrawl symptons or cravings and within only days it was almost as if we had never smoked and whats better we have not put any weight on and believe it or not Siobhan has actually lost over a stone in weight. We are also now running most nights and can quite comfortably do 3 miles without breaking a sweat. I can only describe the easy way as being a miracle, literally. I know you will continue to do your work and help even more people kick that dirty habit we call smoking.
I am also hoping you can give me some advice for my mother-in-law who wants to do the 'easy weigh', such as price, success statistics etc. I have also heard that target weighted people can also go in order to help them maintain their weight and Siobhan may also be interested in this.
Could you let me know about this when you get a spare 5 minutes.
Once again thanks for your help Rob and I hope to speak soon.
Many Thanks

Email from Belinda Feb 2010.................
Hi Rob
Just wanted to give you a quick update on how i am doing, nearly a year (end of feb) and still doing fantastically well.
Have recommended friends and they have also quit with this method. I am convinced that this is the only way to quit smoking and not crave them as with all the other methods i tried i always gave in to the temptation and ended up smoking again.
So thanks again Rob

Email from Bev Jan 2010..........My daughter Niki and myself attended the Manchester Clinic on Sat 2nd Jan 2010 and we are now both non smokers.  We are on day 21 and don't
crave a cigarette at all. Allen Carr's method really does work.  It makes
you realise that kicking the habit is not hard as the NHS and goverment make
you believe. A big thanks also to Rob, our teacher for the day.

Email from Jim Sept 09.......
Cheers Rob thankyou for the advice about Reading the book within a short
piece of time, but am sorry I'm going to have to decline it lol and here's
Listen carefully please

That's the sound of my head banging against a brick wall or more truthfully, against all the illusionary mental blocks that prevented me from seeing nicotine addiction in it's true form.

That's the sound off every last one of them tumbling down and I say that from the deepest depths of my mind. I did ponder whether to state " from the
deepest DARKEST depths of my mind " but all the dark shadows have gone!

I finally concentrated on actually listening and feeling the message on the
audio tape version of the easyway system rather than trying to remember
every single microscopic detail. 

Yes I know am rambling on but my mind has unleashed itself lol. So back to your advice. I am going to read the book very very slowly so I can extract every single ounce of pleasure from it. I now ACCEPT that I was a nicotine addict and not a smoker, it's the same as a heroin addict accepting he was addicted to heroin and not addicted to the needle.

Next my mind has to ADAPT to it's new and true way of thinking.

Finally I am now going to ASPIRE to all my dreams and ambitions that the
filthy poison prevented me from doing.

Anyway going to go now
(thank god for that you're thinking lol) got a lot
of living to do. Big thankyou to every single one of you at easyway for
everything you done for me and continue to do for all addicts whatever that
drug maybe BYE

Ps I retire from the fire service in 10yrs and will be looking for another
job hint hint. So in a way this is an early request for a job interview in 10 or so years. But first I'm going to kick back and live life to the full for a few years then get down to some serious studying, not only on the easyway method but on the best and most effective teaching methods. Really been intrigued with neuro linguistic programming in the past so going to give that area serious grey matter attention. Right that's it, am really going. Bye


Email from Michelle June 09.....

I have just passed the golden '3-month' mark and can't believe how easy the last 3 months have been. I left my Easyway session feeling a little unconvinced and waiting for the moment when I would want a cigerette. That moment has not come, it's so difficult to articulate but I have totally lost the desire to smoke. It's great feeling, I only wish I had done it sooner



Email from Belinda April 09.....

Hi Rob
Just a quick note to thank you for all your help and support in quitting smoking because without it i know i wouldn't have done it. I am proud to say i have quit for over 2 months, i feel great, can't thank you enough. Keep doing what your doing because it definately works and it has been the only thing that has worked for me.

Thanks again Rob



Email from Dave Feb 2009 .............

....Hello Rob, just a quick note - I'm not sure how you did it, but after 56 years of smoking and best of 50 years trying to quit, I've done it. It feel just as good as you said. I really am very grateful and so are my family.

Thank you,


David T


Letter extract from Bev December 2008.............

....Although I doubted some of the things you said at the time, you know, you were absolutely right about everything. I'm out of hell and it was you alone that helped me to do that and I shall be forever grateful to you...... I wish you health, love and hapiness in your life.

With the kindest regards



Email from Louise November 2008.............

Hi Rob, Pete and I are doing great, we have both had really bad colds but seem to be shaking them off now.

I am so pleased we came to your session, I know I would not have been able to stop smoking if it were not for the methods the easy way teaches.

Thanks again.


Email from Katharine - September 2008

Cheers for Saturday, was a good day. I am a non smoker!


August 08 email from Kelly........

just wanted to email to say thank you!!! I found the day course unbelievably good. Although it has only been two days since I attended and last smoked, I already feel completely differently about cigarettes. Instead of it being a problem being around other smokers, longing for a drag of their cigarette, exercising willpower, I find myself thinking about their increased heart rate and how the cigarette is doing the exact opposite of why their smoke it, i.e. providing stress instead of relaxation.

I am ashamed to say I have forgotten the name of the course instructor. He was a Brummie, who normally teaches in  Birmingham,  with the odd course in London. I think he may be called Martin (??). Anyway, he was simply marvellous and it was great to hear the personal growth he had undertaken as a result of Allen Carr. He was a wonderful inspiration, very personable and likeable with it. If at all possible, please pass on my thanks.

And thank you to all those working at Raynes Park, who were very accommodating and friendly.

I will be sure to spread the good word of Allen Carr!

Here’s to a long healthy life!

With warmest regards,



June 08 email from Sarah.........

Hi Rob,
I was lucky enough to be on one of your workshops for the quit smoking (28th March Leicester) and was amazed at how easy it's been since then so a big 'THANK YOU!!'.

I was quite cynical when I left because I didn't feel any different but you are obviously doing something right!!

Anyway I'm not just writing to tell you how brilliant you are (sorry) but am writing to ask if you do any weightloss workshops as my friend has just had a gastric band removed but still needs to lose another stone.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you do the workshops and I'll put her in touch with you if you do.

Thanks again


Email from Chantal June 2008...

Dear Rob,
I just want to thank you for helping me become a HAPPY NON SMOKER.  It feels great to be free from that smelly, filthy, dirty disgusting habit. I have reached a point where I can’t believe I even held those cancer sticks to my mouth.

I am free, more healthy and happy.

Thank you!



Email from Sean February 2008...

hi rob
firstly i hope this message doesnt come back and bite me on the bum
since our session on the 15th feb 08 . i havnt smoked a cigie since…........................
” the last one ” as you DID MENTION. at the time i thought right oh. (honestly its amazing.) ever since that day ive been smiling of how you did it. how you converted my mind that i dont need them horrible ciggies my missus thinks iv gone mad.. because i cant describe what happened during the course of that day . she said i left home at midday with a ciggie and returned home with none .she says WELL WHAT HAPPENED i said you guys woke me up to the fact i dont need to smoke id like to thank you all
needless to say my missus is happy because iv been doing the tidy up with all my spare time

rob thanks again



Email from Debs January 2008....

Hi Rob,
This is a message from Deb and Dave, we attended your clinic on 29th Sept 07, don't know if you remember me, I was the one ringing you from traffic jam on M6 while you were in Tesco doing your shopping some weeks later!!.
Just wanted to let you know that Dave and I are still happy none smokers... gained a few pound to start with but all back under control now, planing 1st half marathon in spring... fitness my new drug of choice!!
So really proud of myself and even more of David as he would have quite happily carried on for ever.........
Had some very bad news from good friend of mine aged 53 recently, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer (20 a day man for 30 years). I have to say although I could break my heart about for what he will now have to face.... I also have an overwhelming sense of relief that at least i have reduced the odds for myself and my young family.
Anyway just wanted to let you know and say thanks to you and Alan Carr for the relief in my heart and the money in my bank!!!!

All the very best


Letter from Carol September 2007...

Dear Rob, just a quick note to let you know - I can’t believe I am still free! I came to see you nearly a year ago now and had smoked 30-40 a day for over 50 years. When I arrived at your clinic I thought there would be no chance of me never smoking again. I am not only free and happy with it, but as you said I would, I have actually lost weight rather than putting it on, and it took no willpower at all either! I tell everyone I know that smokes to go and see you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Best wishes


Email from Martin (April 2007) …….


I have attended a session in Birmingham today held and well held by Robert Fielding.
I have tried the Allen Carr method in the past and the message cannot be any clearer. I personally let myself down years ago in a moment of drunkeness.
This won’t happen again. Robert explained the skyscraper comparisson - I went to the pub straight after for a bit and didn’t even want one !
The missus is dumbstruck and i'm e-mailing this as a happy free man.!!!!
I appreciate in life certain things are important and being a drug addict ain’t one of em ! 
Rob you were brilliant at delivering a message I had to hear once more.
The passion you ended it summed it up. 

Keep freeing people mate

Text message from Phil (July 2007)  ………

L o pal, Phil T ere. Been a month 2day, bet u all bin waiting for me to make anuva appointment, a. If u can stop me smoking, u can stop anyone, well done n thank you.
Email from Stephen (August 2007) …………

Rob I attended your course on Saturday, (the guy from Rotherham) and just wanted to let you know that I consider myself a non smoker now!! I’ve done all the things I would normally do in my life, such as working, going to the pub, lounging in front of the TV etc, but without touching another cigarette. I was so sceptical about the course and my ability to stop smoking that I am absolutely gob smacked that it’s worked for me, with hardly any effort. I feel great about bin a non smoker and just wanted to thank you!!